Bookbinding and How to Bring Old Books Back to Life - Aimee Spillman

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This book is a breath of fresh air showing you the fundamental skills and techniques you will need to start binding your own books. You don't need a lot of expensive tools or materials to do bookbinding and this guide has been made to make the process accessible for any one who wants to do some "weekend projects". This book will appeal to people who love books, but lead busy lives and yet still want to be creative. It will show you the basics and teach the fundamental skills and practices that will get you binding your own books in no time. These skills will then be transferable across a number of projects contained within and hopefully make you want to learn more. The 'Weekend Projects' will include how to do simple repairs on your old and well loved books, giving them a new lease of life, including adding hard covers to paperbacks and doing simple repairs. Along with these we will be creating bespoke notebooks and it will show you some unique ways to use your new found binding skills to keep and store your special cards. The aim of this book is to inspire new binders young to old and everything in between.

21 x 28 cm.