Policies & FAQs

Have you changed your name?

We have! We used to be called Fringe but now we're Slipstitch. It makes what we're about - all things knitting, sewing, and stitching - a little clearer.

What are dye lots and why are you asking me to choose one?

When manufacturers dye yarn, they assign that session's output a number. This is called a dye lot. Despite their best efforts, there can be small discrepancies in the colour between lots. Most of the time, this doesn't matter but if you're knitting something like a jumper that requires a lot of yarn, you may want to get all your yarn from the same lot to prevent inconsistencies across your project.

If we have more than one dye lot available for a yarn, you'll be asked to select one when you select the colour you want. If you don't get this option, we only have one dye lot in anyway!

If you're not fussed about dye lots, please select whichever you see fit (although buying from the lot with the fewest balls left is useful to us!)

To check what dye lots we've got in what quantities, please drop us a line or ask in store.

Do you do flowers any more?

No, sorry! Back when Slipstitch was Fringe, the shop had a wider remit that included flowers at the weekend - unfortunately, flowers and water don't really mix with yarn and fabrics!