Beautiful Embroidered Accessories - Lexi Mire Brantman


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Page Street Publishing

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Easy ways to personalize: hats, bandanas, totes, denim and your favorite clothing

Fans of the growing embroidery trend will love adding a fun, whimsical touch to a range of accessories with Lexi’s creative embroidery designs, which feature flowers, fruits, greenery and other natural elements.

Lexi’s easy template-tracing method makes embroidery into a wearable art, so embroiderers can show off their stitching as a part of their everyday style, rather than just as a static wall display. All readers need to do is choose a pattern from the templates provided, and follow the author’s simple, straightforward application instructions to be able to embroider designs directly onto their favourite accessories.

Readers will learn to jazz up a basic baseball cap with cheerful stitched daisies, and take a plain tote from serviceable to too cute with some bright, fresh fruit embroidered accents. Lexi also shows readers how to create individual pretty patches they can attach to their favourite jeans or blouses, as well as how to embroider feminine floral touches directly onto their jean jackets.

20 x 23 cm. 176 pages.