Merchant & Mills Sewing Book


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Merchant & Mills

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With an emphasis on quality materials, careful craftsmanship, and simplicity, Merchant & Mills Sewing Book presents 15 functional, beautiful projects. Crafters and aspiring designers will master hand- and machine-sewing techniques, learn about fundamental tools and materials, and improve their tailoring skills before sewing timeless projects such as a maker's apron, bolster cushion, flight bag, classic shirt, and more. Reflecting the distinctive utilitarian style of Merchant & Mills, this book reminds readers to keep it simple and do it well, and makes a handsome addition to any craft library.

  • Projects
  • Techniques
  • Guidance
  • Instructions
  • Tools
  • Notions
  • Choosing Cloth
  • The Sewing Machine
  • Hand Sewing
  • The Art of Pressing
  • Our Philosophy

19 x 25cm. 176 pages.

Please note: this copy has had some superficial fading on the cover but is complete and in good condition.