Quilting on the Go - Jessica Alexandrakis

Quilting on the Go - Jessica Alexandrakis

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Paper piecing patchwork you can take anywhere: techniques, patterns, and projects.

Maybe you have the urge to sew but don't want to be stuck behind your sewing machine all the time. English paper piecing quilting is wonderfully portable. You can stitch on the train, bus, or aeroplane, in waiting rooms, in the car while your baby naps, or at the beach: all the stolen moments when your hands are idle. Learn to build a tool kit with everything you need to get stitching. When you're done, just snap it shut and your project is safe and waiting for when you're ready to sew again. Clear explanations and step-by-step photography will have you stitching in no time and, before you know it, beautiful patterns will materialise from your fingers, which you can use to create a colourful quilt, a cushion, a bag, and much more. Includes detailed instructions for preparing templates, basting techniques, joining pieces and finishing techniques, and with a myriad patterns to try, you’ll find this book full of inspiration for you to find an idea and make it your own.

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