Slipstitch During Covid-19

UPDATE 4th January 2022

Phew! How nice to start the new year and be allowed to open.

Masks are mandatory in shops so please put yours on before you come in. We have vulnerable members of staff who, while vaccinated and boosted, would like not to get omicron.

We are also anticipating some disruption to staffing so any changes to opening hours because of this will be advertised on our social media.

Our opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 till 5

😷 wear a mask
🧼 use the hand sanitiser by the door
💳 pay by card
👨‍👧‍👦 keep your party close (especially small people!)

We're so happy to have you back and we're doing our best under very strange circumstances so please be patient with us and the rules that keep both you and us safe.


Can I come and pick up my order from the store?

Absolutely! Please select Pick Up when you check out.

Can you help me with...?

Yes we can. If you need help with a craft or with choosing what you need, please email us at and we'll get you sorted.

Can I come in?

Absolutely you can! Please wear a mask when you do so.

Are you doing classes?

Yes! We are slowly adding to our roster of classes - please check our Events listings.


Where is my order?

Orders are taking longer than they usually would to be delivered. As we are only posting orders twice a week, your parcel may take a few days to be dispatched. After that, it's in the hands of the Royal Mail who are doing their best in some severely limited circumstances. Some of our orders are arriving next day, some are taking two weeks. Please don't contact us to ask where your order is until at least a fortnight has passed since you got our dispatch notification.

What is going on with Brexit?

Thanks to our nation's ill-advised exit from the European Union, we have had to change how we sell to our international customers.

International customers will not be charged UK VAT (20%) on our products. When your parcel arrives in your home country, you will be charged VAT at your local rate (and there may be a handling fee.) This will be determined by the customs form that will be attached to your parcel. Please note, all added taxes and fees are your responsibility to pay.

Sorry, we did not vote for this.


I want X but it isn't on your website - can I order it?

Absolutely! Please let us know what you're after and we'll either find it in the shop or do our best to order it in for you.